Rhode Island Health Care

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In 2014, the LAW requires everyone to have Health Insurance or pay a penalty.
Obamacare subsidies are for the needy and unemployed.  
For the rest of us, Insurance companies pay Obamacare 3.8%

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Hi, Rhode Island! Enjoy your 10% Obamacare hikes!

For the majority of Rhode Islanders who get health insurance from large employers, rates will go up, on average, 9.5 percent to 12 percent.

Three points about this:

  1. Don’t expect that this is the last time that the rates will go up; the whole thing reeks of Let’s raise them as little as possible this time and push the envelope more next time. Because that’s how it works.
  2. Remember how prices were supposed to go down under Obamacare? Notice how that somehow became “significantly lower premium increases?” Sorry, but we told so.
  3. James Langevin (D, RI-02) voted for Obamacare. Sheldon Whitehouse (D, RI) voted for Obamacare. Jack Reed (D, RI) voted for Obamacare. The only reason that David Cicilline (D, RI-01) did not vote for Obamacare was because at the time he was off running Providence into the ground*. No Republican voted for Obamacare. The rise in Rhode Island’s insurance rates is not. Our. Fault.

I don’t wish to be cruel to the voters of Rhode Island: but this is what happens when you let your state be exclusively run by, and exclusively represented by, Democrats. I’m sure that looking for an alternative seems all very icky for voters in that state: but whether it is ickier than the 13-17% rate hikes that the insurance companies are pushing for, and will very soon get, is only a rhetorical question for hardcore Democrats who still adamantly refuse to admit that they severely messed up with Obamacare. The rest of us are not actually obligated to cater to progressive’s self-delusion…

Group Health Insurance in Rhode Island
  • Coverage may not be denied to eligible applicants based on health problem, nor may a higher charged be imposed.
  • Life changes related to family or job loss bring special opportunities for group coverage.
  • Newborn, adopted and disabled children have special considerations for coverage.
  • Employers may require a wait period for new employees.
  • HMOs may impose an affiliation period.
  • Providers may review medical records for the six months prior to group coverage.
  • Insurance companies may require exclusion periods before coverage, the length of which varies according to group size.
  • If continuous coverage has been maintained without a break longer than 90 days, creditable coverage is available.

Small Business Health Insurance in Rhode Island

Small businesses with fewer than 50 employees may not be denied small group coverage or cancelled based on illness in the employee group. Higher premiums may apply.

Self-Employed Health Insurance in Rhode Island

  • The self-employed may purchase small group health insurance.
  • Contact the Rhode Island Insurance Department for information regarding affiliation through a business or professional association for the purpose of acquiring group health insurance.

Rhode Island Insurance Department
233 Richmond Street, Suite 233 
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 222-2223

Individual Health Insurance in Rhode Island

  • Providers can deny coverage due to health problems.
  • Those who are HIPAA eligible, must be offered two plans and cannot be denied coverage or given an exclusion period.
  • If coverage is maintained continuously for 12 months without a break, providers must offer two plans and may not deny coverage.
  • Providers may limit coverage of a pre-existing condition under non-guaranteed issued policies.
  • Providers may attach an elimination rider or require an exclusion period of up to 12 months.
  • Pregnancy may be classified as pre-existing condition, but genetic information cannot.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island requires shorter exclusion periods or none at all.
  • There are no limits on the cost of premiums.
  • Coverage cannot be cancelled because of sickness.

Rhode Island Health Care Programs

Medicaid, Rite Care, RIte Care, Rhode Island Cancer Screening Program assists with medical care for low income individuals and families.

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Rhode Island Declared State-based Exchange Supports